Normand Desgagnés, from Joliette Dodge Chrysler

We have a dozen lift Girolift for several years now and we are completely satisfied.

We recommend this product to anyone who wants to buy a lift.



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Girolift Consulting Services

You want to make the best decision at the best price for lifting vehicles (lifts), but this area is not your full time job, or your specialty or your greatest strength?

Now you can use Girolift qualified and experienced specialists to help you select and install the best lift system to suit your needs and budget, and this free of charge.

Experts who have already helped hundreds of clients will help you with their knowledge and experience to make the optimum choice of equipment and installation in minimum time and even help you avoid costly mistakes.

What brings you the consulting service lifts?

  • Specialized help to make better decisions
  • A professional diagnosis
Following a precise grid of information gathering and analysis of these data, the specialist in lift system provides recommendations on:

Taking into consideration the following critical points:
  • need of use
  • types of vehicles
  • vehicle dimensions
  • the proper weight lifting
  • frequency of use
  • exceptions and standard?
By submitting a floor plan:
  • sécuritaire
  • safe & designed to increase productivity
  • facilitating the work of staff
  • complying with industry standards
  • Floor thickness required
  • Conditions of the floor
A range of options that can increase employee productivity and workshop based on the specific needs of business and types of vehicles:
  • Additional equipment
  • Rolling Jacks
  • Alignment Kit
  • Lighting and AC outlets
  • Jib Crane
  • Provision of maintenance forms and inspection weekly, monthly and annual

Benefits Advisory Service

  • You benefit from the knowledge and experience of a consultant for free
  • You increase your chances of making the most profitable choices and significant savings
  • You save time
  • You facilitate your task
  • You avoid costly mistakes

What do the customers of the Advisory Service?

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