Normand Desgagnés, from Joliette Dodge Chrysler

We have a dozen lift Girolift for several years now and we are completely satisfied.

We recommend this product to anyone who wants to buy a lift.



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Rolling Jack

Girolift build Rolling Jacks for ramps or Pit of different capacity, They are designed for high performance, the NITRATED steel used increases the hardness of the metal and life expectancy.

The Girolift RJ series are equipped with two pneumatic cylinders and two independent hydraulic and pneumatic pump. the 3" wheels insure easy rolling

Our products: RJ-15000- 20000-25000- 30000 and 40000lbs. and also mobile support table.

RJ 15000
RJ 20000
RJ 25000
RJ 30000
RJ 40000
Mobile support table

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