Normand Desgagnés, from Joliette Dodge Chrysler

We have a dozen lift Girolift for several years now and we are completely satisfied.

We recommend this product to anyone who wants to buy a lift.



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Recreation vehicle lift

Girolift manufacturers of hydraulic Lifts since 1993 now offers a lift specifically built for all kinds of service and maintenance work on recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, 4 wheeler, and 3 wheel motorcycles only to mention a few. It has all the qualities of 100% hydraulic lifts offered for over 20 years. Including very low maintenance.

A very robust tool, reliable, safe, easy to operate and like all other Girolift products; has very long life span.

Choose what is best in the market for service shops or seek the assistance of our consulting service, the LF1 -VR has a maximum lift capacity of 2,000 lbs a lifting height of 60 in. It offers the best accessibility for the work to be done on these vehicles and also safer compared to any tool that exists in this market today, such as scissors tables, etc.

4 wheeler
3 wheel motorcycles

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