Normand Desgagnés, from Joliette Dodge Chrysler

We have a dozen lift Girolift for several years now and we are completely satisfied.

We recommend this product to anyone who wants to buy a lift.



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Manufacturer of hydraulic lifts and hoist’s

Since 1993,Canada Hydraulic Equipment Inc., the manufacturer of vehicle lifts Girolift is distinguished by innovative technology such as 100% hydraulic synchronized products and remains at the forefront of this technology in North America.

The pioneering lifting system from Girolift is simpler, more durable, reliable and economical to use than most of its competitors. The sturdy Girolift high security products, greatly increases user productivity and facilitates their work.

The company manufactures standard and custom hoists, one, two and four columns of capacities from 7000 to 130 000 pounds or more, for all types of vehicles: cars, trucks, buses, forklifts, heavy load transport, arm forces vehicles or mining equipment ...

Canada Hydraulic Equipment is not only responsible for manufacturing, but also the sale and service of its products and now offers a free consulting service to its customers and prospects which saves you much time and money.