Normand Desgagnés, from Joliette Dodge Chrysler

We have a dozen lift Girolift for several years now and we are completely satisfied.

We recommend this product to anyone who wants to buy a lift.



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The Girolift lifts offer superior technology and advantages

For years, the majority of lift systems on the market are hydraulic. While modern Girolift are 100% hydraulic synchronized, no chains, cables or pulleys. (link to explanation and visual functioning 100% hydraulic synchronized).

This cutting-edge technology differentiates Girolift lifting product of its competitors and provides its customers a multitude of benefits that reduce operating costs, saves time, increases productivity and makes work easier.

It completely eliminates the use of outdated technologies to chains, cables and pulleys inside the columns that wear out, break and need maintenance, maintenance time, temporary lost of work bay and additional costs.

- The operation without cables pulleys or chains completely removes the major cause of failure experienced by the *competition, giving you greater reliability and significant savings of time and money throughout the useful life of the Girolift lifting system of vehicles.

* The majority of failures that cause costly work stoppages by lifting systems are due to conventional cables, chains and pulleys.

- Girolift does not use rollers or ball bearings that wear out and need replacement, Girolift are equipped with long lasting slide system. They are accurate, do not generate any looseness even after many years of heavy use

- No cable, chain or pulley - no lubrication is necessary

The Girolift 100% hydraulic synchronized lifting system is the only one to be perfectly synchronized automatically and without recourse to measurement sensors, electronic or mechanical likely to disrupt or break. 100% hydraulic system is more reliable and secure.
The pneumatic safety lock system by gravity, requires no electronic or mechanical ad ons, it is always automatically engaged. The disengagement is quick push-button

Our system is free of any upper cross beams that limit the height of elevation of vehicles.

Other Girolift benefits:

  • The pneumatic safety lock by gravity, requiring no electronic or mechanical, is always automatically committed. The disengagement is quick push-button
  • The security system of the lift arms is not subject to predetermined positions but can be adjusted at will with much greater precision
  • Extension sockets, are standard equipment, they are very safe and settled in a snap without having to be screwed. This saves a lot of repetitive work time and money in one day
  • Girolift 72'' lifting height (66'' with most competitors) provides a maximum elevation of 83'', making the job easier, enjoyable and safe
  • Extension sockets are offered as standard equipment
  • Girolift specializes in custom manufacturing and meet the specific needs of each client giving them the opportunity to realize additional gains in productivity
  • Canada Hydraulics is the only manufacturer of 100% synchronized lifts in four columns products
  • The Girolift quality of the equipment offers a long 5 year warranty (conditions apply)