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We have a dozen lift Girolift for several years now and we are completely satisfied.

We recommend this product to anyone who wants to buy a lift.



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Industrial Lift, manufacturing, mining, metallurgy, forestry, pulp and paper, Aeronautic

Canada Hydraulic Equipment offers services in design and manufacturing.
CHE is specialized in lifting equipment in several areas such as: industrial lifting equipment, manufacturing,mining, metallurgy, forestry, aviation and much more.

Whatever your needs, we offer consulting services and engineering which can meet or solve your lifting needs for either light or heavy equipment.

Just call us for an information meeting on your needs and presentation of our solutions to your requests.

Aerospace Industry

Girolift is an official supplier for companies such as Bombardier.

Its 100% hydraulic synchronization technology, without cables, chains or pulleys offers the precision that the industry demands.

Designed for the needs that are required, it provides not only the accuracy but also the maximum security applications that the industry demands.

Both our advanced technology and engineering department ensure that the customer gets the lifting equipment they need.

We manufacture lifting and rotating equipment at the lifting capacity desired. 

Assembly Lines

The lifting technology used by Girolift is 100% hydraulically synchronized, without cables, chains or pulleys and offer what is the most precise and safe for use in assembly line equipment.

Girolift has proven to be a leader in this industry. It provides the most effective and simple lifting solution.

It allows you to be more precise and especially provide you with a reliable product that requires very low maintenance.

It will increase your productivity and reduce production time.

Built according to your needs with our engineering support, Girolift can offer you the equipment you are looking for.

Mining Industry

Girolift is a company that specializes in the lifting of HEAVY vehicles.

Our 100% hydraulically synchronized technology, without cables, chains or pulleys in the mining industry has delivered .the evidence of our reliability.

Our 80,000 to 120.000 lbs models of 4 column ramps used in several mines as Agnico Eagle and more recently Niobec confirm that Girolift offers superior quality in the mining industry.

The product offers a unique custom designed such as: adjustable width ramps to accommodate small and/or large vehicles giving this product unparalleled flexibility.

Robust manufacturing including resistant products to the mining environment has made Girolift a leader in this industry.

Customer satisfaction is such that they have requested for Girolift hoists many times after their first purchase.

Manufacturing Industry

Girolift lifting devices can solve your lifting needs.

Our 100% hydraulic synchronization technology, without cables, chains or pulleys ensure the accuracy, stability and simplicity you are looking for.

Whatever the lifting needs you require; our consulting service and engineering department will analyze your needs and design the equipment that meet your requirements and expectations.

Our experience and history has proven its efficiency in this area. Our customers are satisfied to have reduced their production time and operations costs.