Normand Desgagnés, from Joliette Dodge Chrysler

We have a dozen lift Girolift for several years now and we are completely satisfied.

We recommend this product to anyone who wants to buy a lift.



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1 or 2 Posts Hoists

The Girolift lifts provide significant benefits that almost no other lifting system. Their cutting-edge technology, 100% hydraulic completely synchronized system eliminates the use of chains, cables or pulleys and thereby the main causes of break down suffered by the competition.

The Girolift lifts reduce your maintenance costs and operation, increases productivity, the work is done more easily and quickly. They represent substantial savings over the lifetime of the equipment. See all the benefits Girolift.

You can now enjoy free support and expertise in many lifting system for you to choose the right equipment, good location, save space, money ... using the new Consulting Service